Dungeon Master

Empress Katrina Khan. I am an elite Domina and I play in the darker realms of BDSM, control, kink. I have a lush, fully furnished dungeon in a secluded far off secret location for the more daring... The Vampire Chalet.  I have loaded play rooms available for private play at reasonable donations. Contact me for more information. Text or Call, I rarely check email. Reviews worldwide over 20 plus years under Mistress, Empress, Kountess Katrina Khan. I accept referrals from long time pros, otherwise you must jump through the hoops to see me. 

2 to 48 hour sessions available. Call me


Join me on FetLife: www.fetlife.com/katrinakrack


I am a certified deep tissue and rolfing expert. I do a very deep psychological and physical exploration and have developed a way to release traumas. You will not be disappointed in my methods

I am a long term session expert. If you have always dreamed of long time captivity in a full on situation, contact me.

I am an artist of Fetish play. I have a talent for creating reality of fantasy. The best thing you can ever do for yourself in the realm of extreme kink, stoic sadism and wacky domination and surviving the sense of complete loss of control, is to come and see me and get what you have been craving. I can make it so, however there is always a price or trade. Do not contact me unless you seeking a Professional Domina. 

I am not for the squeamish... I have almost 20 years experience in professional domination. I began ruthless in my early teens. I trained under an exquisite UK legend, Lady Cynthia RIP. I have toured dungeons from US to Canada and as far as Thailand in order to learn my craft. I do not partake in visually exploiting myself or my dungeon. Become friends with me on Fetlife in order to see more. I am gorgeous, wonderful and have a great space and at least one of everything. 


Deep Tissue Massage and Rolfing
Deep Psychological explorations and adventures
Body Modifications, scarification and Piercings
Interrogation - Intimidation - Humiliation - Domination
Extreme Dirty Kink - Extreme Boundary Pushing

"Want to play a game?"

Clothing Interests:
Nun - Nurse- Panty -  Fluffy - Shoes - Boots - Nylons - Gummi - PVC - Leather - Corsets - Masks - Armor - Bikini's - Assorted Vintage Gowns - non traditional and extremely traditional clothing

Extreme Roleplay -  Fetish Fantasy
War prisoner - Spy verses Spy - Death - Executioner - Sentencing - Trials - Warden - Death Sentence Execution - Castration
Crazy Surgeon - Clumsy Nurse - Man Hating Stripper - Date From Hell
Horror Movie Scenarios - Girl School - Reform School - Horse Trainer - Nun - Dog Trainer

Reactionary Stimulation and Traditional Stuff
Breath Play - Sensory deprivation and OVERLOAD! - Sleep Deprivation -
Hypnotic State Infusion - Objectification Transformations -
Hot Wax - Cold Ice - Hot & Cold Rock Stimulus  - Medical Play - Cane - Whip - Flog - Paddle - Strap - Single Tail - Bullwhip - Violet Wand Therapy - Dom YOGA - Deep Tissue & Rolfing Massage - PES - Tens - Electro Horse - Head Cage - Metal, Rope, Leather Bondage - Cutting - Branding - Needles - Slicing - Dicing - Surgical Operas -
Binding - Bondage - Beautiful Rope Bondage - Wonderful Metal & Iron Encasement - 

I am into most traditional and also the most bizarre types of physical and psychological play.  I am a perfect play partner for extreme masochists or people seeking real psychological reactions or fear. I am not interested in sex acts. Respect the things that make me who I am and do not inquire if SEX is what you are seeking. DO NOT INSULT YOURSELF. I do not play with safe words, I do not need a hard limits list and I am not concerned with providing a service for you, although I will humble myself to play this way if it is something that makes you feel "trust". I will eventually help you realize things can be more fun without.