• Charlie Drown

too young a sadistic pervert...

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My first playmate was a ten year old boy who lived next door. I was 12 and I already enjoyed my sexuality. Although I did not know it at the time, my violent and sadistic side was what actually activated my sexual feelings, that odd twinge I would get between my legs when I was smacking, kicking, verbally assaulting or wrestling and pinning down this boy. During one of these wrestling holds I had him pinned between my thighs, I was looking down at his face while he was whining and squirming, scared to look me in the eye. I thought he was looking at my panties. So I asked him "What the fuck are you looking at?". "Nothing!" he shouted. That was when I pulled my panties aside and smashed my raw vagina down hard on his face and forced myself to piss all over his red ugly face. The joyous feelings of feeling his breath and his mouth moving and head shaking me off made me cum, a quick fast cum. I shuddered a bit, I laughed and jumped off him giving him a swift kick in his ass while he tried standing up. You can imagine how embarrassed and mortified he was. I laughed and masterbated about that for weeks wondering what his tongue pushed far up inside me would feel like. I knew that was going to be my next mission. Force a man to get his tongue as far up inside me as possible while I had him tied up under the pretense of playing cops and robbers and using pain until he complied. I had all these devious ways of enjoying myself and getting as much pleasure from everyone I chose.

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